Tournament and Port Eads Protocols

NOIBT_Port Eads_High Adventure Edits-6 – Register with Joe Yurt at – 504.512.5305. This must be done before the start of fishing at 6am on the first day.
Tournament Lodging – The NOBGFC has both camps reserved for the NOIBT and the Ladies Invitational, but reservations are still required. The remaining 7 regular tournaments are on a first come first served basis, so you are encouraged to reserve early with Port Eads.
Weighstation – On regular tournament weekends, Joe Yurt will staff the weighstation at Port Eads on Friday and Cypress Cove on Saturday. The weighstation at Cypress Cove closes at 9pm on Saturday. The NOIBT and Ladies will announce their weighstation locations and hours.
Non-Tournament Weekend Lodging – Reserve your lodging with High Adventure by calling Port Eads at 504.308.1602. Lodging is first come first served.
Meals – All meals must be reserved with High Adventure by calling Port Eads. If you do not reserve your meals, there may not be enough food to serve your crew.